Type n Talk

Type n Talk 2.7

Fun, free text-to-speech iPhone app


  • Says anything you type
  • You can key in lots of characters


  • Just one voice included
  • Not many options

Not bad

Type n Talk is a free text-to-speech iPhone app that will say anything you type into it.

Using Type n Talk is incredibly simple. When you launch the app a touch keyboard is launched and you can start typing. The text is displayed in bar at the top of the retro-style user interface. Hit the Talk button and whatever you've written will be spoken aloud in a robotic voice.

Although it's fun to use, Type n Talk is fairly limited. The main drawback is that there is only one voice available, and his dull monotonous drone gets irritating after a while. You can purchase two new voices within the app but it would be great if the developer would add new voices for Type n Talk in the future.

On the plus side, Type n Talk does allow for a lot of text to be entered into the box, meaning you can get it to read aloud whole paragraphs if you can be bothered to type it all in.

Type n Talk is a fun, if limited, app that is good for clowning around with your buddies. And yes, you can get it to say anything you want.

Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes
Type n Talk


Type n Talk 2.7

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